Wordless Wednesday – I’m going back

I’m going back! Already, so soon? Well, yes, this weekend I am headed back to Orcas Island,which is part of the San Juan Islands in Washington (state),  to help my grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and since it’s the place that my brain lives I vowed to get back there on a regular basis. Originally I didn’t mean monthly, but I’ll take it! Make sure you follow me on facebook and Instagram to follow my trip!

I’ve also got the opportunity to go whale watching, if the weather cooperates, which is something that I have never, ever done. How amazing is that?! I know Washington weather in February is fickle, but Xing fingers!

And PS, oh by the way, the San Juan Islands have been voted the #3 destination to visit in 2013. You should add it to your bucket list.


Orcas Island ferry dock
Deer Harbor at sunset


Cascade Lake


Hawk on the tree outside my grandparents house

I wonder if I’ll see that pesky bald eagle again?

And PS I’m walking onto the ferry on the way home so no missing it this time around. :)


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