The End

After two and a half years, a session of mediation, a psychological evaluation, a tried and failed attempt at a defense psychological evaluation, and another five an a half hour of mediation we have settled Jonesie’s dog attack law suit. *insert happy dance*

If you’re new(ish) here you may not have seen the original post, but you can read it here.

When Jonesie was six he was attacked by a very big dog. The dog bit him twice and left him with two sever puncture wounds, that have healed wonderfully. But what he has been left with is fear. With nightmares. And a diagnosis of high anxiety of Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder.

You can read the whole story, but the short of our situation was that the dog was a previous biter. At least twice reported. And was ON probation when it knocked Jonesie to the ground and bit Jonesie. Put his entire mouth around my son’s leg and chomped. TWICE.

This quote is taken straight out of the police report from the dog owner’s mouth “well, he was trespassing on my property so he deserved to be bit.”

It takes a lot to go through a court case. It’s stressful, emotional, physically draining… but his dad and I were willing to put up the fight and go through the bullshit to get Jonesie his due.

In November he did a full psych eval (when he was diagnosed with PTSD). In December we did a mediation – what a waste of time. In March we attempted a second psych eval at the request of the defense – that was a failure and didn’t happen after two hours in her office. We have a second eval for the defense set up for April 30th. Depositions for all of us on May 9th and a three day trial in June. And Jonesie started his therapy this week too.

There was a lot coming down the pike at one time. Like. A. LOT. And then we got the call that the defense wanted to try to mediate again. This was a good sign in my mind.

But we went today and we settled. We are DONE arguing with insurance companies and their attorney’s. We are done defending our son’s very real and horrible injuries – which are purely unseen to the naked eye because it’s emotional and mental.

We are so excited that we could come to agreement today and call off all of the energy draining events coming up soon. And feel a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!



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    OHHH Jill this is wonderful news!!!! So happy to hear this nightmare is finally behind you all!! hugs!!

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    This has to be the best news yet this week! Probably the best news in a really long time! I’m happy that things ended so well and without a trial for all of you. Now life can move on and you can work on getting things back to normal.

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    oh my gosh- what an ordeal!! So glad it is behind you. Invisible injuries/ illnesses are so hard for people not in the midst of them to understand.

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    I am so happy this is finally coming to an end. I didn’t know the original story but holy hell, does it scare the crap out of me and make me want to take out the dog’s owner. And I don’t mean on a date.

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