Swagbucks has gone mobile! Plus a bonus code for new users.

SwagbucksNew users may register on Swagbucks and use the Swag Code SBISONTHEGO. Upon signup you will  be rewarded with an additional 60 Swag Bucks on top of the normal 30 Swag Bucks – a total of 90 Swag Bucks just for signing up.

The SBISONTHEGO Swag Code is valid until Friday, August 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT.

If you’re new to Swagbucks you definitely need to get on it and that bonus of 60 SB’s is HUGE.

I just really want you to understand what an important part of MY finances that Swagbucks truly is. Bringing home the Swagbucks is pretty much like bringing home the bacon. I build up points and spend them – just as if I had earned cash! In the beginning I signed up and didn’t do much, but by the end of last year I had enough Swag Bucks to buy a few Christmas gift cards! It was in that moment (last year) that I began focusing on Swagbucks as a source of income for Christmas THIS YEAR. And again, it will take care of several gifts for me and thank God for that!

Also throughout the year those random last minute birthday parties pop up and you need a gift, but have $0. I have been able to turn to Swagbucks for some good gift certificates – good for all ages too.

You can earn SB’s in many different, but incredibly easy ways. I personally earn the most in search, watching SB tv, the daily poll and NOSO.

  • The first one is to log into Swagbucks every day and take the daily poll. Taking the daily poll brings me a certain ounce of joy each day AND I get a Swag Buck.
  • Stay tuned to theSwagbucks blog. They regularly offer swagcodes good for 7 or 9 points or so. Free and easy!
  • You can check my sidebar a little bit more than 1/2 way down, you will find the Swagbucks swidget. Click on SC at the bottom and then click again. If there is a cod available it will tell you where to find it.
  • Use the Swagbucks toolbar! You get 1 point just for using it.
  • Use coupons. For every coupon you print AND redeem you get
  • NOSO – these are just a few No Obligation Special Offers. You can spend a moment or two to go through and sign up for the offers, but every offer has a skip option, even if you skip through all of them you get two Swag Bucks when complete.
  • Watch Swagbucks TV. So I’d heard about this one and only just begun trying it out yesterday. And honestly, I’m hooked. Okay so you earn 3 swagbucks by watching 10 videos. The thing is I LOVE watching/listening to food shows. They have a million and two options for food videos. If you go to the food option and choose the RouxBE station those videos are all less than 1 minute so you can smack out several videos and bring home the swagbucks!
  • Finally and probably most helpful is searching on the swagbucks site. Instead of using Yahoo! or Google switch over and give Swagbucks first try at helping you find what you’re looking for. You can even just type straight in the SB toolbar! BUT you can earn bonus swagbucks just by searching! Most of the time those are higher values like 11, or 9, or 7. So it is certainly worth it to spend a little time to grab all the swagbucks you can.
  • You should also refer your friends and family through the link that swagbucks gives to you. This way you earn points from what they earn too!

It’s a little too late to have much of an impact on your Christmas this year, but you can certainly START NOW and make a concerted effort each day to earn those easy ones up to 10-15 AT LEAST.  Search, search, search! Go get started with Swagbucks now.

Here is a video all about Swagbucks mobile!

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