Storage in a dorm room is so hard with limited space so make it a little easier and check out Gillette’s new blade refill subscription service #ShavingRebuilt

Packing for a dorm room

My 18 year old leaves for college in 30 days so we are on the countdown. We are also on the stock up.

The problem is that, as you may well know, there isn’t much storage in a dorm room so we are trying to shop smart and set up the room smart, but the fact of the matter is that there just is limited room for storage in a dorm.

Do you realize how much is needed when you send a kid off to school?!? Pillows, comforter, sheets, door mirror, shoe storage, hat racks, under bed storage, bed lift, storage grid, curtains, desk lamp, light bulbs, desk organizer, trash can, bulletin board, calendar, flashlight, first aid kit, extension cord, surge protector, laptop, chargers, laundry basket, towel hanger, broom, iron board, iron, towels, shower caddy, shower shoes, fan…………..

And that doesn’t even cover the consumables like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, lotion, contacts, contact solution and razor blades. Okay, we’ve found room for all the stuff like bedding, desk organizers, and surge protectors, but what about the consumables?

Thanks to Gillette’s razor blade subscription service, which I just found out about, we have the razor blades covered. I just found out about this fabulous new service through this campaign and I’m in love!! You can customize your order by placing an order for the blades you want, how many blades you want and how often you want them and they will be delivered on schedule like magic. There is no commitment required and no fees with this program. You can also cancel anytime.

Not only is it more practical for storage reasons, but the cost comes out to be about $1/week for most guys and that is very, very friendly on my single-mom-sending-a-kid-away-to-school budget. It is hassle-free and the blades will be delivered directly to him which leaves us both one less thing to worry about.

I mean we all want our boys to be going to class looking clean-shaven and respectable right? I’d hate for mine to go looking all scraggly and use the excuse that he didn’t have razor blades! He is also going to play baseball in his school’s great, and very highly respected, baseball program so he needs to look the part.

We’ve come up through the ranks as Gillette has come out with new razors and I have loved them all, but my boys are absolutely in love with the new FlexBall technology!

Gillette razor proglide swivelThe handle actually adjusts and pivots in response to a man’s face (or in my case, a woman’s knees) leaving fewer missed hairs. The new handle lets the cartridge move in three dimensions for maximum contact. It is the first razor of its kind and it is fabulous! The result is #ShavingRebuilt for an entirely new shave experience.
Gillette angled 1

The Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall uses the same razor blades as the Fusion ProGlide, which is what all three of us have, so no need to buy new blades.

Gillette has been my razor brands of choice for as long as I can remember and we’ve used the Gillette razors since the boys started shaving, and frankly it is my razor of choice on my legs also! Gillette also provides other items like shave gels, foams and creams, deodorant and aftershave. I also buy only Gillette shave gel so my son will be taking a few bottles of that with him on his move as well.

Gillette razor, shave cream and bladesBe sure to check out the new Gillette razor blade subscription service if you’re sending your son off to school because I can’t say enough about how convenient and cost effective this is going to be for my son and I.

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    I really like this idea for college students! My brother is currently in college and I bet he could benefit from this.

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    My daughter had such a small dorm room it was a trick getting everything in there she needed. This would have been a great item for her to have used.

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    30 days!?!? You’re holding it together so well! I think this is a great subscription. One less thing for us all to worry about. Hope your son enjoys it.

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