Sports snacks that thrill the masses and don’t break the bank!

popcornSports snack is every parent’s “aaah, what am I going to bring??” moment.

You’d think that after all the years the boys have played sports that I’d own this, but I still wait til the last minute questioning the right snack.

I’ve always brought oranges, granola bars……….. But I wanted to do something different. Truth be known I wanted to make Halloween cupcakes, but they’ve requested no sweets.

I almost rebelled.

But didn’t.

AHA! I remembered an idea I saw on instagram posted by @uccjeb. He posted a pic weeeeeeeks ago of microwaved popcorn separated into individual ziploc bags that he had made for a class snack.

That was it; Popcorn and juice.

We bought three boxes of microwaved popcorn and two boxes of juice for pennies over $8. Without coupons. If I’d planned ahead I could have no doubt gotten the stuff for cheaper. Like I said, I always wait til the last minute.

But the bottom line is that the kids LOVED it. I was a bit skeptical because there’s always that one kid that doesn’t like something. :) But everyone was satisfied and even the referee got in on it.

Cheap, quick, easy, creative = Love.

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