20 reasons you should shop at Costco

The first thing people think when they think of Costco is “where am I going to store everything?”  And while that is a very valid concern, Costco is so much more than just a lot of “stuff”.

The second thing is “I always spend so much money there.”   Here is my first piece of advice:  SHOP COSTCO MORE OFTEN.  I know it seems backward.  Shop more, spend less???  The thing about shopping Costco every now and then is that you are sucked in to all of the good deals so you buy much more than you would normally.  I go there just for milk and eggs sometimes and actually walk out with just milk and eggs.

Here are a few, or 20, reasons that I pay the $50 membership fee (for the Executive Membership) each year:

  1. I get gas there.  It is usually $0.10 per gallon cheaper than other stations.
  2. I have three boys and they eat THAT much.
  3. They have cute clothes for verrry reasonable prices. Yes, clothes. At Costco. I cannot tell you how many times people comment on something I bought at Costco.  At the end of each season, like now, they might have their shorts on sale for $6.00 or something crazy.
  4. Costco is picky about what brands they allow in their store so I am confident when trying new items.  In addition, they have a great return policy.
  5. They offer their own high value ($2, $3, $4) coupons and special online offers to members only.
  6. Their flowers outlast any store flowers any day and they are a lot cheaper.
  7. They have really awesome cakes! You can get a full-sheet cake with your choice of filling and frosting for $15. I hardly go anywhere else for a cake.  I always get comments like “where did you get this cake?”
  8. How about decorating with Costco?  Another really great thing about Costco is that they turn their inventory so that there is always something new.  I have bought decorative candle holders, floor rugs and trendy photo frames for $15and under.  Again, the quality of their products is very good.
  9. Their generic brand, Kirkland is far superior to most generic brands.
  10. Even with my couponing strategies, I can still get milk and eggs cheaper at Costco on any given day.
  11. Due to their pickiness I trust their electronics options.  I always buy my printers there.
  12. I also buy my cookware there.  The home goods stores are sooo over-priced sometimes.
  13. Along with #8, they offer a 90-day return policy, a 2-year warranty on TVs and computers free technical service.
  14. Most stores have pharmacy and photo services available.
  15. They offer travel, insurance and event tickets services too.
  16. I buy paper towels, trash bags and toilet paper there exclusively.  The rolls are bigger and it just makes sense to buy these things in bulk.
  17. They have an electronics trade-in program where you can trade in cell phones, laptops, game consoles… for a Costco Cash Card.
  18. They offer other services for business customers such as payroll, 401k plans, credit card services…
  19. Last but not least is the Costco auto buying program.  I am a couponer, not a haggler.  I just physically can’t do it.  I can’t even do it at a garage sale, and ESPECIALLY not with car dealers.  The Costco auto-buying program couldn’t have made it easier for me to buy my car.  Not only was the process a piece of cake but the financial piece of it was pretty awesome too.  I drove away with my new car without the feeling of being taken advantage of for the first time ever!  I also recommended this program to a friend and he found the same experience with a different dealer.  This alone is worth a Costco membership.
  20. Oh, and they have really awesome sample tables all the time too. ;)

You should also know that Costco has two membership levels.  The first is Executive Membership and it is $100 per year.  With the Executive Level you get a check for 2% back on what you spend (up to $500).

If you can’t already tell I am a huge Costco fan.  I know I am not the only one because in July Costco sales increased 12% over September 2011.  In a sorry economy even.

Try Costco out, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and this includes membership too.  You can also get a 1-day guest pass to try it out.


  1. says

    i’m a new follower… love the Costco comments. I love Costco. With 3 kids (2 boys) i go with a small list. I am not a fan of their apples because they encase them in plastic! Love eggs, bread, milk and I agree with kirkland brand and clothes. laura

  2. katy says

    You should also mention that the executive membership pays you a minimum of $50 – that way there is no risk other than shelling out an extra 50 when you sign up and if you should there often or buy big ticket items you may get back more!

  3. says

    I completely agree! There are several staple items that are simply cheaper there: Milk and eggs are two but I found shredded cheese, coffee, and sometimes bread cheaper and their meat is decent priced too.

    Pharmacy prices are lower than anywhere else if you have a dedcutible or have to pay out of pocket.

    Their photo services are very affordable and far superior than anywhere I have tried. Quality is better than Target, Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, and Shutterfly for simple 4 x 6 prints. Also they have stunning Christmas cards for super cheap! I think I got 75 cards for $22 last year. Same quality of cards would’ve cost me $75-$100 somewhere else.

    Now can you just tell Costco to build one in Fort Collins, please?

  4. Alison says

    I have gone with a friend who has a membership…i just didnt get the deals like you mention….so you think that is a geographical difference in price maybe? I get milk for 2.89 at walmart..think it was 3.59 there–and a few other things…i am cheap (worse than frugal) and cringe at even the small difference. They dont offer gas at the closest one to me (50 miles) either..unfortunately–i would love that! Almost like Krogers. I did get a rug for my front door and it was fairly cheap..at 10$. I think some of the freezer items looked good priced–like waffles (60cnt). I think i have to pry my brain away from thinking i am spending 25-30 dollars for the week for groceries (for 3 of us) i guess to shop there..

    • says

      It is tough to swallow spending more at first, but when you realize that you haven’t bought some things for several months it isn’t really spending “more”. YES, we get the big package of Eggo Waffles too. I need to invest in a big freezer. ;)

  5. says

    I LOVE Costco too. We go for prescriptions, eyeglasses and contacts, gas for the car, and just about everything else. The free samples are awesome and so is the food court.

    • says

      You know, I haven’t thought about doing my prescriptions there! Do they accept insurance? Love, love, LOVE the berry smoothies!!

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