Dealing with buyer’s remorse

Give in.  Period.

Giving in to buyer’s remorse is as good as any money saving method out there.  If you are one to give in to impulse buying, that late night 80’s music cd box set infomercial or even a new car…. no fear, chances are there is a return policy.

Chances are, also, that you will have buyer’s remorse within 0-24 hours because if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen and you can’t stick your head in the sand like an ostrich.  Disclaimer: that is not a real statistic, just an experience thing.

You might even experience buyer’s remorse during the purchase.  Trust your instinct.  Your instinct has your best interest in mind when your emotions do not.

What does buyer’s remorse feel like exactly?  It’s an unmistakable “I REALLY shouldn’t be buying this but…” kind of pit in the stomach thing.  Sometimes it can be mistaken for nausea, the stomach flu, hot flashes or even euphoria.  If you feel anything but normal to an extreme it is probably buyer’s remorse.

What to do when buyer’s remorse strikes:

  • If you are experiencing buyer’s remorse during the shopping phase DO NOT make the purchase.  Leave the store, put the phone down or walk away… but don’t purchase the item.  Give yourself two days.  If you still want to purchase the item, consider your financial situation and make an informed decision rather than an emotional one.
  • If you make it through the checkout and have buyer’s remorse in the parking lot walk yourself back in to the store and return it.  Do not turn around, do not pass go but yes, you should go collect your $200!
  • If you make it home with your purchase having had some buyer’s remorse naggings don’t use the item so that it is still viable for return.  Give yourself a day or two.  If buyer’s remorse is still present TAKE IT BACK.
  • If you make it home with no buyer’s remorse because that shirt makes you look HOT and you really need a pick me up, but decide two days later that you look hot-er without that shirt, do some research on the return policy!  Please don’t take advantage of it though.  If you wore it, it’s yours.

There is no shame, no guilt and no problem in returning “things” that is why return policies exist!  Cars even come with a three-day return policy.  Usually.

Eventually, you will give in to the feeling BEFORE you make the purchase and the anxiety and the sweats and the stress will go away.  The 1,000 lb boulder lifted.  The credit card bill… non-existent.  You WILL get the hang of it quickly!  Not only does the lack of extra anxiety feel awesome, but you’ll save a ton of time by not having to return things.  AND you will finally be in touch with wants vs. needs.  Yes, actually, they are different.



  1. says

    love the post! i hate when i don’t have the money but want to buy that item soo bad. i think this is wonderful advice…even though i have taken back a piece of junk that I wore….shhhh

  2. says

    Buyers remorse make s me cringe the next day, which is one reason why I actually forgo the things I really need. Sometimes I just say I’ll wait because not sure if that feeling will set in the next day… “Did I really need this”, Why did I buy this”, This could have waited…”

  3. Jeannette says

    I like the words ‘buyers remorse’ much better than the names I give myself.:) Thanks for the cute- and appropriate- article!

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