Sherbet Punch Recipe

Sherbet punch is crazy good, crazy easy and everyone will love it.  It’s kind of like a light and fruity version of the root-beer float.  I’m having a really hard time spelling sherbet the right way because I say sherBERT.  So, bare with me if I revert back to childhood mmmkay?  Thanks.

Sherbet Punch Recipe


  • 2-liter of 7-Up
  • 2-liter of Hawaiian punch
  • container of your favorite sherbet


Pour 7-Up, Hawaiian punch into a punch bowl and scoop the sherbet into the mix.

Yeah, that’s it. Serious.


PS  Here is Day One of the 5 days of holiday drinks.  Sangria recipe.


  1. Caryn says

    Verner’s is Ginger Ale. Some people don’t like ginger ale (like me), so I would definately prefer the 7-up or Sprite type mix. But yeah, this punch is GREAT!

  2. Jeannette says

    I do not have a punch bowl. If I used a gallon jug (leftover from a jug that held milk), would this work? Then, I could add sherbet to my glass?
    P.s. I did not know it was called anything else…I’ve always known it as ‘sherbert’!

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