Salsa Recipe – Homemade

homemade salsaWhen I make this salsa I get requests for leftovers. Requests to “jar this stuff.”

I am pretty sure that I owned a very successful Mexican restaurant in a past life. And, there is still time for me to own one in this life too! I would absolutely LOVE to open a small hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and share with Colorado what GOOD Mexican food is about. I am from San Diego, after all.

This salsa recipe has to be one of the easiest on the planet though because it only has four ingredients! I’d also venture to say that it is about as close to a GOOD restaurant salsa as you are going to find.

I’ve never been one to measure (outside of counting the tomatoes) the four ingredients in this salsa recipe so you may have to play with this recipe to get it how you like it. We like ours with some kick – so note the use of hot jalapenos.

Homemade Salsa


  • 6 tomatoes
  • 1 c. cilantro
  • 1 can of hot jalapenos (you can choose mild or leave them out totally too)
  • salt



Clean up tomatoes and cilantro.

cilantroCut tomatoes into chunks and place into blender. Add cilantro.

Pour juice from can of jalapenos and about 1/2 of the can – depends on your taste.


Salt to taste. Blend again.

Enjoy!! Enjoy this salsa with homemade tortilla chips. On eggs. On tacos. As a low calorie and fresh salad dressing.

chips and salsa

This recipe can easily be cut in 1/2 or in 1/4 if this is too much. We LOVE our salsa!


  1. Jeannette says

    I love Mexican food, so I am soooooo looking forward to trying this. I will be going to the grocery store tonight, so this came to my email at the perfect time.
    Thank you!

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