One Thing Leads to Another

I am tired today.  Exhausted.  On my way to the chiropractor, after a full day of work, I made a mental to-do list for when I got home.  I had to pay bills, get laundry done, wade through the pile of paperwork on my desk, make a grocery list, clip coupons, fold clothes from laundry, put them away and start P90X tonight.  Tonight is the night.  YES!  I might even go for a walk after.

As I lay on the table at the chiropractor’s office I contemplate the fact that this 15 minutes would likely be the most relaxation I would get tonight.  This precious, precious 15 minutes.   When I got home I started the laundry and folded the clothes that were waiting for me in the dryer, helped my 16 year old fill out an online job application and when I looked at the pile of bills I ordered Chinese food.  We ate, I cleaned up.

My back started to hurt, hence the chiropractic visit, so I laid on the floor with my bum and legs straight against the wall.  I turned my head to the right to stretch, OMG when was the last time I vacuumed?  I got up immediately, got the vacuum and vacuumed the floor.  I laid back down to finish the stretch, turned my head left and saw the baseboard.  Added a note to the mental to-do list. 

I REALLY was trying to relax so I stopped turning my head, listened to the hum of the dryer and the swish of the dishwasher and then I saw it… the spot where the wall meets the ceiling that I really needed to touch-up.  OMG, my son’s bedroom!!  Yes, the one I painted over Christmas break… still had some touch-up to do there too.  Another note added to the weekend to-do list.  I really needed to fill my migraine prescription online so I could save some money.  Added.

I really just need to bite the bullet and call someone to clean my house …  Oh crap, I need to water the grass (that I just had put in a month ago) before it dies.  I can definitely justify the cost of having someone clean for me by the reduction in my stress.  ROI baby.

This attempt to relax and stretch my back was really just stressing me out even more so I got up switched the laundry, folded the clothes and sat down at my desk.  Right next to the ½ waded through paperwork, pile of coupons, recipes to post, bills and that stack of P90X dvd’s which were mocking me.  They said “thought you were gonna use me tonight.”  Heh, I would show them.  I got out the intro dvd and sat it right next to the pile of paperwork…   I will get to it this weekend.  Yeah, I think I just figured out why I am carrying around some extra junk in the trunk. ;)

And then I looked at my calendar for this weekend and saw that my 14 year old son, who plays high school baseball, has games both days.  (In the summer they play double-headers.)  This means TWO back to back TWO hour games so a minimum of 5 hours at the field.  But I was gonna clean up my yard on Saturday. Oh, and he’s playing tonight so another mental note… get the uniform in the wash tonight after he gets home (at around 8:30).  Yep, I know for sure why I am still carrying that junk.

Now what was it I needed to get done tonight?  RIGHT!  Make a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow and ask if they can stretch it to 30 minutes!



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    I hope you got your 30 minutes!
    Don’t you wish there was some way to make those moments last longer?
    (came over from BF)

  2. says

    One thing totally does lead to another! I was reminded of “If you give a mouse a cookie” when I was reading this!! Great post! Isn’t that just how it goes?
    I hope you got some relaxing down time also!
    Thanks so much for linking up with Zombie Post Monday, Jill!

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    Stopping by from the Mystery Post Blog Hop on Mommy D’s Kitchen. Thanks for Hopping. Have a great, RELAXING week this week. You deserve it!

  4. says

    I am here reading your blog because of … Mommy D’s Mystery Post Blog Hop! And I am SO glad I stopped by to read the post!!! This is EXACTLY how my life is … and why I am a little bit on the “fluffy”.

  5. Theresa says

    Found you on the blog hop over at Mommy D’s and so glad I did! I can COMPLETELY related :)

  6. says

    I can so relate. I have this white board on my fridge that I use for my never ending to do list. As I come across things that need to be done it gets added to the list. Sadly more gets added then taken away some weeks.

    Finally getting around to the Mystery Post Hop from Mommy D’s.

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