Join Box Tops for Education to help earn cash for your school. Joining is FREE!

I have always been a huge fan of Box Tops for Education. I even attended the first-ever Denver Box Tops University earlier this year! Click on that banner above to head over to Box Tops for Education and get started!

Every Box Top = $.10. When you throw them away you are throwing away a dime. You are throwing money in the trash!

Here are some Box Top facts:

  • The Box Tops program paid out over $50MM in 2010
  • There are 100,000 K-8 schools enrolled. Chances are a school near you is enrolled.
  • Approximately 31MM households collect Box Tops
  • The average school in the United States collects only $732
    • Colorado schools average a little higher
  • Box Top labels are available on over 250 products

Let me repeat EVERY SINGLE BOX TOP = $.10! The average school only gets $732 each year???? We need to kick up this program.

Let’s say the average school has 400 students. If every student in the school brought in 50 Box Tops the school would get $4,000! That is nearly a 550% increase!

The folks at Box Tops are putting the money out there so it is our job to bring it back to the school. I know that the cost of everything is rising and it is hard to give back to your community because finances are tight but like I said, this doesn’t cost you one extra red cent.

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