It’s my blog birthday and I am giving away $200…

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and entered this contest.

Winner Info:

Win $200


It’s my blog birthday and I’ll celebrate how I want to!  On my one year blog birthday I gave away $100 so it is certainly fitting that for year two that I give away $200, right???

Whew, time flies when you’re having fun!

I cannot believe I have had this blog for two years. It seems like just yesterday when I woke up one morning to discover that I had purchased a domain name the night before. :) True story.

My goal from day one has been to help others to be straight with their money. To get on track if you’ve fallen off, to stay on track or just enjoy with what you do have.

My first project on the blog was my get ahead guide.  And the goal of that was to show you that you can find your way you just have to put some work into it!

My second project was to teach you all how to save money with coupons. And so I wrote the virtual coupon workshop that teaches you how to coupon, where to find them and how to actually save money with coupons.

I owe all of it to you my loyal friends. Those who come back to me day after day and engage with me. Celebrate with me, commiserate with me.

It is you, new ,or been with me since day 1, that I want to reward!

Enough of the schmoop, right? And on to the part where you can win $200?

I’ve decided that I would like to give away $200. I’d like to give it to the winner in the form of a gift card (where possible). If you want $200 for groceries I can do that. A massage? A gas card? Walmart? Target? A restaurant? Or even a $200 Visa card to spend as you wish. If you win, you choose.

Muy importante deets…

Because I’m rewarding my loyal fans, the entries are largely going to revolve around your engagement with me! :)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. (And there is quite a few!) I put a bunch of entries you can enter and then I did a daily one so be sure to come back each day and answer the question June 1 – June 8!

  • REQUIRED: Tell me how you found me. Was it a random article you searched on Google? Facebook? Something a friend forwarded to you?
  • REQUIRED: How long have you been following me on my blog, facebook or twitter? Approximately?
  • REQUIRED: What is your favorite post? Feel free to poke around for a bit, I’ll wait.
  • Follow me on facebook.
  • Go and leave a comment on my $200 giveaway post on facebook.
  • Share this post on facebook by using the share button at the top of this post.
  • Follow me on twitter.
  • Tweet this “Jill (@singlemomonabgt) is turning two! Enter to win $200. #giveaway. Please RT.”
  • Follow me on pinterest.
  • Like THEN repin my blog logo on pinterest.
  • Follow me on Google+.
  • Give this post a+1 – using the link at the top of this post.
  • Follow me  via e-mail OR  via RSS feed .
  • June 1 entry: How many children do I have?
  • June 2 entry: Tell me how much you love me.
  • June 3 entry: Have you tried any of my recipes? Which was your favorite?
  • June 4 entry: What money tip do you think is most helpful?
  • June 5 entry: What would you like to see more of from me? Money saving? Coupons? More of my crazy life? How I manage 3 kids, a full time job, a house and a cat? Be specific.
  • June 6 entry: Do you love coupons? Have you tried out my awesome coupon database? All you have to do is type in the item you are looking for and if there are any coupons available a list will point you in the right direction.
  • June 7 entry: What one big life event did one of my boys recently accomplish?
  • June 8 entry: Um, oh just let me hear how much you love me again. ;)

 Good luck!

This giveaway closes at midnight on June 8th, 2012. ONE winner will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail within three days. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail.


  1. Mari says

    I found you through a link that was forwarded to me.

  2. Mari says

    I’ve followed you via those methods for approximately two years.

  3. Beth McCarthy says

    I believe I found you through another blog contest. We had to “like” certain pages- and I only like ones that catch my eye or that I think I will actually follow! Wise choice by me! Happy Birthday!

  4. Beth McCarthy says

    I just started getting into this blog/couponing/freebie thing this year. I believe I have only been following you for …….4-5 months?

  5. Beth McCarthy says

    While I like them all……THIS ONE! It’s an amazing contest! Would make my intro to summer AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  6. missy j says

    I found you a few days after I signed up for Fscebook, just playing around.

  7. missyj says

    I’he been following you since almost the beginning of “Single Mom’s” existance

  8. missyj says

    I would have to say my favorite post from you was recent… when you posted everything was settled out of court & Jonesie would not have to relive that day on the stand. So thankful he is in the healing stages…

  9. says

    I found you (or you found me) through a blog contest for Simple Green several years back. I AM so thankful cuz you are one of those people that I really, truly connect to!!!!!

  10. Cortney B. says

    I believe I found you on Facebook. But I don’t remember!

  11. Cortney B. says

    I believe I’ve been following you for about 6 months.

  12. Cortney B. says

    My favorite post was where I won the free pizza and headphones! Seriously though I love your posts about making care packages for families at your sons school.

  13. Teh Doll says

    I believe it was fb. and pretty sure I started following you in dec.
    My favorite post is the Single Mom on a Budget’s ‘Get Ahead Guide’.
    We recently bought a new car that has me in a panic. This really helped me get a system.
    I even showed my husband =)

    Happy Blog Birthday.. I bet your excited!!

  14. Teh Doll says

    pinterest follower
    Teh Doll

  15. Teh Doll says

    Follow google +
    Shannon Thompson

  16. Teh Doll says

    email subscriber

    Ps. your coupon database is awesome.
    I will be using it for sure.
    I love the idea of typing in an item and having the coupons showing up.
    Makes it much easier then looking through list for the product you want.
    Thanks for that! =)

  17. Amanda Elyard says

    I found you on another blogger’s blog role, but I can’t remember whose.

  18. Amanda Elyard says

    I’ve only been following you for about a month and a half.

  19. Amanda Elyard says

    My favorite post is this one because I love the idea of winning $200! :)
    If that doesn’t count I really liked the one in about piggy bank savings because I do that-only spending bills and saving all the coins. It does add up.

  20. Jennifer Marie says

    I think I found you when I was looking for a giveaway to enter.

  21. Jennifer Marie says

    I am thinking I have been following you since about nov 2010 :)

  22. Jennifer Marie says

    My favorite post is actually a recent one Cheekbones and clavicles. Why you ask? I think the picture is great! No matter what…and I think you will do great on your weight loss journey!

  23. Jennifer Marie says

    I left a comment regarding this post on your fb page (Jennifer Messner M)

  24. Jennifer Marie says

    I love your blog so much-I have saved money for you and have had good family fun ideas b/c of you-that means a lot to me! (hence the reason I still follow you after all this time!)

  25. Laura Ari says

    I found you through a blog search, and then you made me laugh so I kept poking around.

  26. Laura Ari says

    I’m pretty new to the blog thing, so I’ve only been following you for about 2 months.

  27. laura ari says

    I liked your cheekbones and clavicles post. I’m losing weight too and boy is it a struggle!

  28. Laura Ai says

    I do love you and really appreciate the SportsGuard Giveaway! (I think your family is adorable too!)

  29. says

    How did I find you? I do not remember! It was when my husband was out of work, money was tight, and some search (maybe on Google, maybe elsewhere) turned up the Single Mom blog.

  30. says

    Since I remember your 1-year anniversary, I know I’ve been following you that long. And my husband has been back working about a year and a half, maybe, so I’ll go with that!

  31. says

    Favorite post. Can I have two? I loved when you got all emotional and Super-mom-ish when Mrs. Romney made a comment about understanding working women. And I also loved the post after you were featured on eBay because you convinced me to start selling on eBay (my first week of auctions end tomorrow!).

  32. C R Williams says

    A friend told me about your blog. Happy Blog Birthday

  33. C R Williams says

    Actually I just started following you on your blog.

  34. C R Williams says

    My fave post is where to find coupons, I am always looking for deals.

  35. C R Williams says

    Following on facebook, I must say you have a handsome family!

  36. C R Williams says

    left a comment on your $200 giveaway post on facebook. I thanked you as my comment.

  37. says

    I not only followed you on Pinterest, I JOINED Pinterest just to be able to follow you on it!

  38. C R Williams says

    Liked THEN repin your blog logo on pinterest.

  39. C R Williams says

    I have one child who is 2 months old. A lot of work but getting the hang of it.

  40. says

    OMG, now you’ve got me joining Google + so I can follow you. (Google will be happy; they’ve been trying to get me on board.)

  41. C R Williams says

    I really love you for this giveaway. PS today is my birthday, getting old yikes!

  42. says

    I love Single Mom on a Budget so much that I joined TWO social media sites today just for her!

  43. Jeannette says

    Hi Jill!
    I do not need or want the money; I just wanted to congratulate you on your second anniversary. Best wishes for many more!

    P.s. it’s your Mexican food I love the best, so along with all the money saving tips, I hope you’ll continue sending those!


  44. says

    While I love lots of things you write (and learn from you when you do), my favorite posts are the mexican food ones…My kids will never again have to suffer through a premade taco shell. And it’s all because of you ;)

  45. says

    I really do adore you…you were the first blogger to reach out to me, to guide me, to mentor me. I’ll never forget it. Plus, you parent BOYS and I’m always so glad to have an ear to vent to :)

  46. Beth McCarthy says

    June 2- I LOVE your blog! And this giveaway! And you! And your posts! And….you get the idea ;)

  47. laura ari says

    June 3rd – I tried your salsa recipes because I’m a sucker for any recipe with less than 6 ingredients! Yum!

  48. C R Williams says

    Loved your recipes but I have yet to try any.

  49. Jennifer Marie says

    6/3 I love that you put recipes on here, but I have not tried any. A goal of mine is to eat at home more and not eat out as much and then I will hopefully be using some of your recipes!

  50. Jessica T. says

    I think I found you on a blogger’s blog role, but I don’t remember which one it was!

  51. Jessica T. says

    I think I have been following you for close to a year!

  52. Jessica T. says

    My favorite post is Single Parenting: Empathy. You have to be proud of your son!

  53. Jessica T. says

    June 3rd: I have not tried any of your recipes. I tend to read recipes and then I’m lazy and don’t make them!

  54. laura ari says

    Your tip about deciphering want vs. need is a tough lesson to teach kids!

  55. Jennifer Marie says

    6/4 You had a post a long time ago speaking about lowering electric bills. I remember that one being most helpful.

  56. C R Williams says

    What you need to know about 401k matching is more helpful.

  57. Cortney B. says

    Menu planning and batch cooking. It’s so much easier to stick to my grocery budget if I have a menu planned.

  58. Judy S says

    Required #1
    I found you through a family member who loves your site

  59. Judy S says

    Required #2
    I think I have been following you for about a year and a half or so.

  60. Judy S says

    Favorite post would be How to make homemade tortilla chips-what a good idea this is.

  61. Deanna says

    I found you through another blog, but for the life of me can’t remember which one. But being a single mom of two boys myself, I finally found a blog that really spoke to me!

  62. Jessica T. says

    June 4th: I like your money tip on Stretching Your Christmas Dollars at the Dollar Tree!

  63. Natalie says

    I have been following you for about a year and a half

  64. Lisa F says

    I’m not sure how long it’s been. I know it’s been over a year.

  65. Natalie says

    my favorite post is the Mexican Food Roundup. I have tried quite a few of those recipes and they are all amazing so far!

  66. Lisa F says

    I know the question was what was my post, but I’m going to have to go another direction. I enjoy the questions you post on Facebook on current topics. It’s always neat to see the answers other post and the dialogue you get going.

  67. Natalie says

    I think couponing is the most helpful money saving tip

  68. says

    I actually found you through eBay. When you joined the Parent Panel, I believe our mutual pal Jackie connected us (I originally responded with a comment about a Simple Green contest, but that is actually how I met Jackie…I was a little confused when I responded. LOL.)!

  69. Mari says

    I like the Week 11 – Food shopping at scratch and dent stores post. Shopping the slightly bruised selection is a great way to save money.

  70. laura ari says

    I think your blog is great. What would I like to see? Coupons and ways to save money are always on the top of my list. How you manage to get along and connect with your teen would also be great. I’m always looking for ways to relate to my oldest. Seems like he’s from another planet sometimes! :-) (or maybe I am…)

  71. C R Williams says

    I would love to see more money saving tips and coupons.

  72. Jennifer Marie says

    6/5 I would like to see more of your time schedule. How do you get everything done…you must be very organized. I only have 2 kids and I feel as though I am pulled in every single direction-not sure how you do it. My kids are still young and not even involved in much. You go girl!

  73. Heather says

    I just have to say, I found you the round about way and cannot even remember! I think it was a google search for budget info/single moms. Saw your blog, saw that you were in Denver and signed up faster than I could really type my email in! I’ve only been following you for a few months, (maybe March-ish?) but I adore your posts and find them reassuring in the life of Single-Mom-dom! My favorite post so far is the “Realistic Goals” for budgeting. It helped me focus and get my head on straight when I left an abusive marriage. Financially, it’s terrifying – but your blog has helped me focus, keep my big-girl-panties on straight (i.e. no twists!!!) and things are going fantastic. You are good peeps, and I love reading what you come up with. Someday, I’m going to corrall you for coffee or tea, and pick your brain. Till then, I’ll just comment, “like”, share, etc. and toot your horn to the general public!

    • Heather says

      I almost forgot …. I would love to see more organizing tools. Like templates or something. Maybe I should go hit up your pinterest. I love it when you post local stuff, to me that is awesome – and maybe coming up with a top 10 free, Or cheap activities for different groups. I.e. dates, families, little kids, etc. So many of us want to keep our little guys entertained but are strapped for the budget!

  74. Jodi Bradshaw says

    I dont quite remember how I found you. Maybe someone recommended you through facebook?

  75. Jodi Bradshaw says

    ive been following you for 7-8 months now i believe on facebook

  76. Jodi Bradshaw says

    i left a comment on the blog post giveaway post on facebook

  77. Jodi Bradshaw says

    i like to see a mix of everything on here. you’re pretty funny so a little splash of ur life is fun to read

  78. Cortney B. says

    I love to hear about your crazy life. Even if it makes me feel a little stalker-ish since I don’t know you in RL. :)

  79. Mari says

    I’d like to read more about your pets and pet deals.

  80. Judy S says

    I like seeing ways you save money and different ways to do transactions in order to get some good deals.
    June 5

  81. Jessica T. says

    June 5th: I would like to see more about how you manage everything in your life by yourself. Sometimes it gives me tips and sometimes it just makes me feel better!

  82. Amanda Elyard says

    Hi, June 5th entry comment:

    I would like to see you talk more about saving money with kids. Birthdays are especially hard for me because so many of their friends have big parties and they are at the ages were they want that too.

  83. Natalie says

    I would love to see more recipes! I love to cook and can never get enough new recipes to try. I would also like to see more about couponing. Mostly tips on how to use them to their fullest. I clip coupons but I feel like there has to be a trick that I am not aware of.

  84. laura ari says

    I didn’t know about your awesome coupon database! I can’t wait to try!

  85. Jennifer Marie says

    I do love coupons! I have been slacking a little lately, but I am ready to gear back up! Can’t wait to use your database!

  86. says

    I love your coupon database. It’s far simpler to use than others I have tried. And I know that when I stop by to use it, I’ll get some other little nugget of money saving wisdom from your blog!

  87. Jessica T. says

    I do love coupons. I have tried your coupon database and was surprised at how fast and easy it was to use!

  88. Amanda Elyard says

    June 6 entry:

    Yes, I love coupons and always try to use some every time I get groceries. I have used your coupon database.

  89. Kevin E says

    I follow you on Twitter but I do not know for how long!

  90. Kevin E says

    I commented on the $200 Giveaway post as Kevin Elak

  91. Mari says

    I love coupons and your database is a wonderful resource!

  92. Kevin E says

    June 4 – I like the “Want vs. Need” money tip!

  93. Kevin E says

    June 5 – How do manage things on your own? Do you have family/friends nearby to help you out?

  94. Kevin E says

    June 6 – Yes, I love coupons! Your database is much easier than sorting through the Sunday papers every week!

  95. Cortney B. says

    I want to say graduation! But I also know that your littlest has been getting his therapy for the dog bite and the lawsuit finally got settled.

  96. Mari says

    Your 16 year old, who is on the JV team, went to a game with you. He was punished disproportionately to his team mates, and pointed it out to his coach. He had the maturity and empathy to bring up the issue of bullying to his coach, and encouraged (and mentored) a team mate that is not quite as successful as he is.

  97. laura ari says

    Congratulations on your second year anniversary! Keep up the good work. We do love reading your blog!

  98. C R Williams says


  99. Jennifer Marie says

    June 8
    I have followed you for quite some time b/c I really do love your blog. You have such great information but you really care about your readers too, which I also love.
    You are an inspiration to us and keep up the good work!

  100. Jessica T. says

    June 8th: Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary! Love your blog and thanks for the chance on this giveaway!

  101. says

    How much do I love thee? I love thee to the end of the blogosphere and back!

  102. says

    Hello! I’m putting in my blog loves! I met you through the Parent Panel. I follow you on Facebook and twitter! Xoxoxoxoxo

    I hope this qualifies as an entry :)

  103. Angela says

    I found you on Twitter when I started getting into couponing. Been following you there for about a year and FB a little less than that and reading this, I added you to my G+ today. I have 2 young boys and I am a new single mom and my youngest son has autism. I love that I can go to your blog and get the run-down on the deals so I can save money since I currently do not have the time to do all the research. You are amazing and have helped me save on average 60+% on my groceries!!!!! Thank you.

  104. Judy S says

    I entered a comment on your post on your facebook page regarding this giveaway
    Judy Sue

  105. Judy S says

    Love love love you. Not sure how you do what you do, but I am thankful that you do it for us.

  106. missyj says

    June 7th answer… your oldest graduated high school last month

  107. missyj says

    You are my first & favorite blogger & I LOVE you so much, even though Oprah is your friend & not mine, LOL. You have made me feel loved the past couple days as well. You have helped me deal with my Chick-fil-A drama more than you will ever know, my venting board, for lack of better words. I love hearing stories of the boys, the good ones more than the sad ones, but we know everything can’t be perfect always. I hope & pray your blog continues to be a success for you.

  108. says

    I adore you. You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to help others or to stand up for what is right. Happy Blogging Anniversary! Here’s to many more successful years of female entrepreneurship!

  109. Amanda Elyard says

    June 8th entry-

    I do love your blog. I love thinking about ways to save money. I love learning how to save money and I’m glad that you decided to do it your way. Happy Anniversary and many more!

  110. Deborah Campbell says

    Tripped over your site while surfing! Love your site and sent it to my daughter, too! (She is a pastor’s wife and you know how they need to save money!!)

  111. Mari says

    I left a comment on your $200 giveaway post on facebook (Mari Doug).