I made it y’all

Today I landed in Nashville (or Nashveel as the locals say) for a blogging conference called BlissDom. And I am going to live my dream job for the next few days.

(see it’s dreamy)

I am not much of a religious person, but today I feel blessed by everyone in my life. You see, the weather out of Denver was like 80 mph winds. And flights were delayed. And my nerves were shot. FIVE hours before my scheduled flight time! It was a looooooooong day.

My mom was texting me to make sure my flight wasn’t delayed. It was. My bf was texting me to let me know the status. My older boys were out running to/from baseball workouts… I made my way to the airport and there was not a parking space to be found. I think I got the spot in the parking lot where you can’t walk any farther. Seriously.

So I was on the shuttle from the parking lot when my phone rang. It was Jonesie (my 8 yo) and he said “Hi mom.” I said “hi babe.” He said “Um, did you go to Nashville today?” I said “Not yet, but I’m at the airport now.” He said “Oh, good, because I was really worried about you with the bad winds.” And I was blessed by his good little soul.

I posted a snippet of that convo on my personal facebook page and a friend said “Me too.” As in, I was scared for you too. I was blessed.

I talked to my older boys to let them know I was boarding and they said “good luck”. And I was blessed.

My bf texted that he was sending me an e-mail to make sure I read it before I left. What I read was how much he loved me and knows how much I was looking forward to attending this conference and to go get ‘em. He knew exactly what I needed. I was blessed.

Got a text from my mom at midnight Nashville time, “did you make it okay?” I was blessed.

And then……… you all know that I travel frequently, but arriving in Nashville a brand new city – at MIDNIGHT – with no options for a shuttle to the hotel leaving me standing in line, by myself, waiting for a taxi. Then…… the girl behind me in line and I made eye contact and she asked where I was going, they were going to the same hotel for the same conference and she asked if I wanted to split the cab! Um, yes. I can ride a cab through Chicago, but something about Nashville makes me leery. I was blessed.

I got in the cab and she put her hand on my back and said “we will pay for the cab.” WHAT?? I have a really hard time with compliments, with nice gestures and I awkwardly tried to turn down the offer. She told me about her family, we talked a little blog, a little conference… She is my kind of people. I WAS BLESSED. That blogger is Sara from A Thrifty Mom. I hope you’ll do me a favor and stop by her site and give her some love for me. :)

So, I would say that I didn’t do my Random Act of Kindness yet this week, but GREAT ones were bestowed upon me today by many, many people.

What acts of kindness have you committed this week?


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    I’ve been a big baby this week and have been all sad & mopey because I’m not there with you at Blissdom…. it was my idea to go and then I had to bail on you.
    I hope that you have a wonderful time, learn lots of great things, and meet all the wonderful people from the blog world!

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    So glad you’re safe and sound and ready to have a blast at Blissdom! (Secretly a tad jealous…but my time will come!)

    The blessings of our lives are all around us, aren’t they? So glad yours were right there in front of you today.

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