How to ship an item on eBay

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, it’s no secret that I took on selling items on eBay in the last few months of the year. Well, I sold $972 worth of “stuff”! After fees and shipping I made $577. Those kind of profits are nothing to sneeze at!

I recently had a facebook fan ask me about the “eBay fees”. I’ll admit that when  first started selling on eBay I was hugely intimated. Not by the fees, but by the whole shipping thing. “What if I asked too much?” “What if I didn’t ask enough?” “But, I’m not a shipper.” “I don’t even have enough stamps to ship a shirt.” “Do I offer free shipping, or should I charge something?”

I didn’t even own an envelope outside the letter size and I only had two of those left! But as is me, I jumped in head first and started with books. You know so that just in case I was way off base so that I didn’t lose too much.

First of all, I highly recommend buying a scale. The whole food scale that only weighs up to 16 oz ain’t gonna cut it. And the weigh yourself first and then hold the box and weigh yourself and subtract thing ain’t gonna cut it either.

eBay Tip: Buy your scale on eBay. It’s a novel idea, but trust me I didn’t buy mine on eBay and I spent more than $40. :( Right this very moment there are several shipping scales that weigh over 60 lbs that have $3.25 bids on them and 10 minutes left. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!

Turns out that eBay makes shipping, err rather figuring out shipping, WAY easy. It was, like, a dream come true. Once you have sold an item and a buyer pays for it, the “action” option in your My eBay dashboard gives you an option to print a shipping label!

When you click on that “print a shipping label” button in your dashboard this box will pop up…

I have blocked out the personal address information, but when you open this window it will automatically pop up with your buyer’s address information and your shipping information. Awesome!

You see that box called “Package Information”?

There is a drop down box below it. Right above that drop down box there is a blue link to “compare shipping rates”. Click on that.  When you click on that this box will open…

In the bottom right hand corner there is a place for you to enter the “total package weight”. Weigh your item (on your eBay bought scale) and then enter that weight in this box. Click calculate.

All of the costs will populate and you can click the one that fits your item. If you’ve promised Priority, choose it. If you’ve picked economy shipping then choose the option that works best. In the example above the First Class Mail option works best (is least expensive) for me.

Click save.

This window will pop back up.

On the bottom right in bright blue there is a button to pay and print. CLICK IT.

Voila! Another box will pop up with the shipping label. Print it, tape it to the package and hand it to the postman/woman.

It really is that easy to ship on eBay.

Need more eBay help? Watch this tutorial on how to list an item on eBay. You can also read this post on how to figure out how to price an item on eBay.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel and this post is sponsored by eBay.


  1. Eloisa says

    Wow! This information came at the right moment. My 12 year old son already got sick of Legos and let me with a bunch of them around his room. I have been telling him I would sell them on eBay but I never knew how to do that. This is a great start.

  2. paola says

    hi there. i like how easy it looks, but when you list an item fo auction it usually says already how much the shipping is gonna cost, am i wrong? how do you calculate shipping costs before you post the auction so the buyer knows how much is gonna cost? or what am i missing?

    • says

      It might give you a suggestion, but you can change that to whatever you want. I suggest you buy a shipping scale (and you can find them for cheap on eBay) and figure out your own shipping costs. This way you know FOR SURE that you’re covering your costs, because you never want to lose $ just because you miscalculated the shipping. I hope that makes sense, but please feel free to ask more if you need more info.

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