How to fix your oven when the heating element goes out

I’m a major baker. Not only that but my middle son loves to bake too. So when the heating element in our oven went out with a bang a few weeks ago it was a MAJOR BUMMER. All of us were like “can we bake a …………… Aw dang, the oven is out.”

We are kind of DIY’ers, but only because I’m too cheap to pay for something simple that I can do myself. So our DIY work generally goes much like what follows.


I looked online to see if it was something I could fix myself. All areas said yes, it was easily fixable at home. What they don’t tell you is WHAT TO PULL OUT of where. So Joe and I ended up pulling the entire back of the oven of, which of course led to a full clean of the nasty area behind, below and next to the stove area. We got the entire back off and……… now what?

So I went to YouTube to find out just what we are supposed to pull out. Turns out the back of the oven does not need to be removed at all.  Heh – but we know that we can do it now!

There was one really great video that showed the whole process with the man’s elbow directly in the shot of what we needed to see. So we searched out another You Tube video hoping for more detail. At this point, we’re moving in the right direction, we just don’t know which part needs to be disconnected. And in the next video it was all great BUT didn’t show any detail at all. He just went in, pulled it out and VOILA! “VOILA WHAT?” I screamed at him!

We found one more video which was a littttle bit better, at least there was one quick second where if we paused it just right we could see the parts we needed to disconnect. So we paused it. And rewound. And paused again.

So Joe went back to the oven and we were able to figure out which parts to disconnect. We thought about doing a video of our own, but it really is difficult to do a video in a dark oven and we certainly don’t want others to criticize us like I just did two others. LOL

So we took photos!

First you’ll have to unscrew the heating element from the inside of the oven and pull it slightly toward you. It will come out just enough for you to see the pieces you need to separate.

They will look like this…

These are the two pieces that actually separate. I will show you in the next picture what they actually look like individually so you can find them in your own oven.

This is the piece that is the heating element itself. Originally we struggled thinking that the white part was supposed to come out… NO. Now here is a picture of the part that stays in the oven.

That part above fits into this part below. And when you are trying to separate them it is actually pretty easy – WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT!

You should also know that the local Home Depot’s and Lowe’s’ do not carry heating elements you have to order them from their parts service. It was terribly irritating. Especially since shipping was 8 days. Sure I could’ve paid $2billion to have it shipped express, but… it’s ME we’re talking about here.

In the end, changing out your heating oven element isn’t hard. In fact, it is really very easy. The waiting 8 days was the hard part.

OH and when you call to order your part you will be asked for the model #. If you’re oven is anything like mine it offers no help. The paperwork that came with it – no help either. It has numbers, but as “Peggy” explained – “those were of no help “to her. Turns out you CAN find the model # and serial # on your oven. Pull out the drawer on the bottom and there should be a sticker on the inside of the drawer on the oven.

Best of luck! If we can do it so can youooooooooooooooo!

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