Hostess Twinkies and Donuts and Zingers and Cup Cakes and Suzy Q’s

You heard the news, right?

Hostess, maker of Twinkies, went out of business.

Confession: I bought some.

TwinkiesAnd that is not even half of what we ended up buying!

No, we are not going to eat them.

I bought them to sell on eBay.


And sell them I did.

I know, I know. You all thought I was crazy. But let me tell you that I have sold over 49 boxes of different Hostess items for a gross of over $780.

Do the math. $780/49 boxes = $15.91 per box

People are paying over $15 per box to have this stuff shipped to their house!

I didn’t pay anywhere near $15.91 per box so if you’re still wondering about selling on eBay…….. wonder no more.

I asked a few days ago on facebook if y’all believed in fate. Most said yes. Some said no.

Well, I do. And here’s a timeline of why…

Nov. 13th at 7:27 pm: ” I am feeling super motivated to get stuff listed on eBay! Just need… stuff. :)” is what I posted on my facebook page. And that very night I reached out to a few of my fellow eBay sellers (Jessica - The Unemployed Mom and Windy – WindyLou and Jacqui – Single Parent Retreat ) and they gave me some awesome tips that I’ll be sharing soon!

Nov. 16th: I was on my way to a doctor’s appt and heard that Hostess had gone out of business and that Twinkies were already selling out in grocery stores. And a light bulb appeared over my head.

I dropped Jonesie off at school and hurried to my doctor’s appointment. I called my son. I called my mom. “Can you go to every store around and buy every Twinkie and Hostess product you can find?” And I was freaking out because I wanted to skip the appt and go in search, but I couldn’t.

And then there was a Safeway on my left. I calculated the two left turns it would take into the parking lot and then the one left turn I’d have to take to get back on my way…. I COULD DO IT!

I ran into the store and headed to the bakery department and I could not believe that they had TWINKIES! So I grabbed everything that I could fit into my basket and ran.

That night we went to the Hostess outlet and I waited for two hours to make my purchase. And then I went back the next morning to purchase more.

Now do you believe in fate? I think I might be psychic. :)

You can check out my eBay listings here.


  1. Jodi B says

    I don’t think you’re crazy. I didn’t buy nearly as many as you did but kinda wish I had. My walmart had dingdongs in stock and grabbed only 3. I also got 3 of the stawberry cupcakes. No twinkies to be found. Kroger only had some muffins which I knew those wouldn’t sell well. My first box of dingdongs sold on Ebay for 8+4shipping = $12. Not as much as your average $15/box, but I’ll take it!!
    And I remember you saying you needed stuff to sell on Ebay – and then Hostess went out of business – so meant to be!

    • says

      It’s the raspberry filled donuts that are driving the average price up. CRAZY because everyone went nuts to buy the Twinkies. :)

    • says

      Thank you so much. That’s why this is so amazing and I hope to inspire others. Seriously, I just paid $700 for new tires for my car. I have paid over $700 out of pocket recently for dental work for the boys. Those necessities just don’t understand that I don’t just have $700, or even $100 for that matter. This is going to make Christmas for us. I’d been wanting and trying to plan to take the kids to my grandparents for Christmas, but that is a HUGE expense. This is going to make a BIG difference.

  2. says

    So your the one that bought up all the Hostess in Denver? I wanted some cup cakes so bad went to three different stores and nothing lol! Dang it, it has to be fate if you found all of those!

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