Grilled corn on the cob {the right way}

How to grill corn on the cob

Grilled corn on the cob slathered in butter is just one of those things that my kids can never get enough of during the summer! But it could just be the way I prepare the corn that makes a world of difference!

Step 1: Buy corn. :) When you are buying your corn at the store RESIST the call of the nearby trash can and tearing off the husk. Grab your corn, messy husk and all.

corn with husk

STEP 2: When you get home go ahead and clean up the corn by cutting off loose ends and that husk at the very end but leave the husk on. It should look like this…

STEP 3: Soak the corn in the cleaned up husk for about 10-15 minutes. I clean out my sink, fill it with water and let them soak. Kind of turn them over a couple of times to make sure they get totally soaked all the way through.

corn soaking

STEP 4: Grill. Grill over medium-ish flame for about 15 minutes. Make sure to turn so that you get all sides. As seen in the next picture they can get a little too much flame and burn, but it’s only the husk that burns – the inside is perfect. I usually move them away from direct flame, but leave them on the grill so they can still get some heat and continue to cook.  Total time on the grill should be 30ish minutes.

grilled corn

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