Get your holiday wishlist granted with the eBay Holiday Gift Shop facebook app (and sweepstakes)

You know I’m a big fan of selling items on eBay to make extra cash, but I’m also a big fan of BUYING items on eBay to SAVE a ton of cash. But you want new? Well, eBay has PLENTY of new for up to 85% off what you would pay in a retail store.

The holiday season is here and well on it’s way… and in case you’re like me and you haven’t started (I have three gifts – eeps) your shopping list, the eBay Holiday gift shop is here to help!! Does it count that two of those items aren’t really gifts? They’re ugly sweaters that I bought on eBay mobile for an ugly sweater party! We found nothing in the two thrift stores that we went to so I logged into eBay and man alive there were thousands. Bam, bid on the sweater right in the store.

But I digress, you see why I’ve not begun my shopping yet…. maybe?

Here are a few of the awesome benefits of the eBay Holiday gift shop!

  1. No one you create gift lists for can see what you’ve created. These are lists you are making for yourself.
  2. You can create toy lists for your kids!
  3. You get great recommendations from eBay experts.
  4. It’s super convenient – It ties right into the eBay site and the eBay mobile app so you can shop anywhere, any time!

You can always access the gift app directly from your favorite mobile device too!

If you’re having trouble with knowing what you’d like to get you can always head over and visit the eBay Holiday Gift Guide for some best sellers and great gift ideas! Viva la Juicy is already on my list… they DO KNOW what they’re talking about. :)

The SWEEPSTAKES PART: Anyone who creates a gift list, for themselves or for a child, will be entered for a chance to win. Each day eBay will award an item from a lucky person’s list. Entrants can also win eBay gift cards! That would be an awesome gift to win, right? An eBay gift card!

The holiday gift shop promotion ends at 11:59:59 PM PT on December 21, 2012, but don’t wait to create your list because there will beĀ  DAILY WINNERS: Use your Holiday Gift Shop and you could win an item on your gift list PLUS a $100 eBay Gift Card!

When you’re ready to shop don’t forget how easy it is to log right into eBay and do you shopping with the mobile app! Get there, go. Now. Go create your lists so that you’re entered to win some gifts of your own!

Oh, eBay, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Need more eBay help? You can also read this post on how to figure out how to price an item on eBay and how to ship an item on eBay.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel and this post is sponsored by eBay and Splash Creative Media, but all opinions and experiences are my own.

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