Fresh Express bagged greens make a healthy meal quick and easy – Spinach and tuna wrap recipe

The #1 new year’s resolution is weight loss. Number five is to stay fit and healthy. Number 10 is to spend more time with family. Guess what?! Only 8% actually achieve their resolutions.

I know that I generally don’t achieve my goals because after a few weeks they become difficult and time consuming.

Fresh Express bagged greens make keeping on track with being healthy and spending more time with family SUPER easy. Grab a bag, throw it together with some healthy options and BAM you are eating healthy and spending less time preparing the meal and more time enjoying it!

Fresh Express offers fresh bagged romaine, spinach, different kits like a Caesar kit, shreds, a spring mix, a 50/50 mix, sweet butter……… and so much more.

It couldn’t be any easier to stay on track with Fresh Express greens because I don’t know of any healthy eating plan that does not allow greens!

One of my favorite meals is a wrap with Fresh Express spinach, some fresh veggies and a protein like tuna, grilled chicken or steak. Easy and delish!

tuna wrapThe spinach is so fresh you can eat is straight from the bag!

Fresh Express spinach

To make a wrap all you have to do is add all of the ingredients that you wish to add – using Fresh Express spinach could not be MORE fresh and healthy if you wanted to be. And it is SO easy.

For the wrap above open the bag of spinach, top the wrap, add tuna, shredded parmesan, and diced green bell peppers. I usually use spinach, but you can use hearts of romaine, the spring mix a 50/50 mix or whichever option you like.

Roll it up and eat it! If you find the wrap a little bit dry you can add some low fat caesar dressing to it to fix it right up.

I also used the Fresh Express Hearts of Romaine to make a small side salad with a bunch of fresh veggies including broccoli, green pepper, jalapeno, avocado, diced apple (I love apples), and fresh shredded parmesan cheese. And I use a side of non-fat yogurt to dip instead of a fattening dressing.

This makes such a great fresh and healthy meal! Not to mention that it literally takes about five minutes to put together when you use Fresh Express bagged greens. Easy AND healthy!

My family loves their Caesar Kit option because it is sooooo good. I love it because it is all inclusive and easy! :) Add chicken and voila – dinner is done.

Fresh Express Caesar Kit

I love being able to give my family a fresh and healthy meal in minutes. And Fresh Express guarantees freshness! If you want to know how fresh, head over to their website with the four digit code from your bag to see!

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    These healthy options look completely delicious!! We just had a Fresh Express Caesar salad last night! I don’t even own a salad spinner because these are so convenient. Love the tuna and spinach wrap idea – I’ll have to try that for a quick lunch.

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    Oh how I wish we have those here! Believe it or not bagged veggies like that are so rare here and expensive. We have to do it manually which I just didn’t have the patience to hahahaa.

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