Eggs: DONATE one egg to Food Bank of the Rockies Easter event with just a click

Eggs. They’re what’s for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And snacktime. And dessert. My favorite eggs are in dessert… cupcakes, creme brulee… Eggs make every meal more delicious and nutritious.

On March 28th Colorado Egg Producers will be making their annual donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies at their Easter event so don’t wait – add you egg to their donation. All you have to do is like the image below and BOOM! your egg is donated.

Here is some more FUN information on Colorado Egg Producers.

When you head over to the Colorado Egg Producers facebook page and LIKE the image above they will donate one egg to a local Colorado food bank.

Did you know? The Colorado Egg Producers donate over one million eggs per year to local food banks! And with your help they can exceed that this year. (You can help by “liking” that image I mentioned above on the Colorado Egg Producers facebook page.)

Who is Colorado Egg Producers?

Seven Colorado farms make up the Colorado Egg Producers and they take egg producing VERY seriously. In fact, all seven farms have signed an animal care doctrine dedicated to the best possible care for their chickens.

In Colorado you can rest assured that  you can find Colorado Egg Producer eggs just about anywhere you look. Find out where you can buy CEP eggs in their store list here.

Fun Facts:

  • The average person consumes 250 eggs per year.
  • The color of the egg shell is determined by the breed of the hen.
  • An egg contains every vitamin and mineral except for vitamin d.
  • Eggs are NOT a genetically modified food.
  • Learn more fun egg facts here.

You can also follow Colorado Egg Producers on twitter.

How do you like your eggs?


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    If the average person consumes 250 eggs a year, then i’m above average! I try to eat an egg (or two) for breakfast each morning. The best protein ever. I also loved the fact on the infographic that said 3.8 million Colorado Hens produce about 1 billion eggs. Wowzers!

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