King Soopers Coupon Policy

Official King Soopers Coupon policy as of June 7th, 2012

Our coupon policy varies by division. The policy for stores in your area is as follows. Please note that this policy is our most current; however it is subject to change without notice.

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the quantity of coupons or items used or purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day.

Double Coupons:

  • Manufacturer coupons of $0.50 or less will be doubled.
  • Manufacturer coupons of $0.51 – $1.00 will be redeemed for $1.00.
  • Manufacturer coupons over $1.00 will be redeemed at face value.

o   This does not apply to “Free,” KS, Catalina, Retail Food Store coupons, electronic coupons on the Sooper card, or items prohibited by law.

Pharmacy Coupons:

  • Competitor pharmacy prices will be matched, but competitor pharmacy coupons are not accepted.
  • Cannot use LCM or Competitor Coupons in conjunction with the $4 Generic Program

General Coupon Policy:

  • Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon per item purchased.
  • Limit one (1) store coupon per item purchased.
  • One (1) manufacturer and one (1) store coupon can be used on the same item.
  • A second or third coupon cannot be used on an item that is part of another coupon offer.
    • Example: Coupon states: Buy 2 cereals and get a gallon of milk free. A customer cannot use another coupon on the cereal or the milk.
  • Coupons cannot be used on “free” items.
  • Expired coupons are not accepted.
  • Amount refunded cannot exceed the cost of the item.
  • There is a limit five (5) coupons for like items per customer.

Digital Coupons Policy

Customers choosing to participate in the digital coupons are required to have an active online account with a valid, associated shopper card. Kroger employees or partners are prohibited to set up or otherwise maintain an online account not specifically associated to that employee or employee household.

A valid shopper card or an alternate ID is required for the use of digital coupons at the time of purchase.

Digital coupons and offers are deducted from a customer purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts and cannot be added back or removed once card has been scanned.

  • Limit one use per digital coupon per transaction
  • Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item
  • Digital offers do not double
  • A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time.

The store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY digital coupon or offer.


  1. Jeny says

    I was blindsided by the new policy today. Went to the store with 6 coupons for Smart Balance Milk. With the coupon my price would be .99 each. We’ll, I had to give up three of them at the register because I was told that I can only use three coupons. Very very very bummed – not liking the new policy KROGER!!!

    • says

      BumMER! I know it’s a pain, but you can always go back and get the other 3 milks. And I also wonder if they would have let you do two separate transactions in the same visit????

      I know why they are doing it, and their theory is a good one. (See my article on Extreme Couponing.) It is a real pain in the ass for those of us that really do need to save money on the groceries that we NEED and use, ya know? Very frustrating.

    • Chrissy Pham says

      now that you know this policy, you CAN organize separate transactions. I just did it with toothpaste. Since KS now only takes 3 coupons at a time, I had to separate them into 3 transactions as I had 9 of them and got all my toothpaste for free.

  2. Cynthia says

    I went to KS yesterday and was told that I could not use a manufacturer’s coupon with a KS coupon. The cashier, her supervisor and the store manager told me this. They did use my coupons, but I was reprimanded that they would only do it this one time. Unbelievable that the store doesn’t even know it’s own policy. The 3 item limit is new….they told me that it has always been in place!

    • says

      Interesting! I will contact them to see if their policy has changed. If it has not, all 3 of them are wrong and I would take a printed copy of their policy next time you go!

      It’s actually a 3 coupon limit. You can only use 3 of the same coupon per transaction. It has been in place for what I wanna say is about 6 months. I call that new.

    • Chrissy Pham says

      Cynthia, I was told the same thing too… that apparently the KS ecoupons and mfg coupon can not be stacked. I’m not sure about the KS paper coupon though. I’ve never tried that, but for me, usually a KS coupon is for a KS brand item. At any rate, I’ve found a trick around it so I don’t get hassled by the cashier. WAIT to run your KS card. Politely ask them to run your coupons FIRST than you’ll do your card. Technically my coupons have a higher dollar off amoutn than the ecoupon anyway, especially after they double it! Than I run my KS card. The funny part? The stupid cash register took off the ecoupon anyway, even though I had a mfg paper coupon for the same product.

      I got hassled a lot for doing my card first. Apparently when they scan the coupon, the computer tells them that an ecoupon was already applied? But if they run your coupons first and the computer is stupid enough not to realize it, than it’s a bonus for you! :) (It hasn’t failed me yet to do this, so I can get both paper and ecoupon together savings).

      • says

        As far as I’m aware, it is not posted online. I had to get it through e-mail. I can forward you the e-mail if you’d like. Or, you can just go on their own site and request it from them.

  3. Chrissy Pham says

    Where did you find the offical KS coupon policy? I’ve looked on their website for it and can’t find anything about paper coupons, just digital. I know I will need it next time. I like to shop late at night when the crowds are gone and items are being re-stocked and the same guy is there everytime up front doing candy stocking and cashiering. He has rung my groceries up multiple times w/ no issues of doubling my coupons. Well, tonight, I went and tried to get some product and used a .75 coupon. He refused to honor my add’l .25! he said ‘no where on the coupon does it say I can double the coupon’. OMG really? I told him that coupons never say “yeah, double it will ya?” but rather that the coupon is either going to be ‘blank’ or will indicate ‘do not double/triple’. He disagreed w/ me. I asked to speak to a manager and he whistled some kid over that was stocking, that I knew couldn’t have been the manager. Going back tomorrow to see if i can get the doubling thru another cashier/register as well as hoping to have policy in hand too, but would like to bring something from their own site or something. Not sure if they will fall for your blog thread. thanks

    • Lynn says

      On an episode of Extreme Couponing, one shopper explained that the first number below the bar code is either a 5 or 9. 9 indicates Do Not Double.

      • Lynn says

        More info: In my coupon stack I found coupons with both 5 and 9 that said DO NOT DOUBLE. I found one web site that says that only the ones with 9 will actually not double when scanned. Here’s the web site for more info:

        “In 95 percent of the cases, they will double regardless of whether they say DND or DNT. The 5 percent of times that a coupon does not double is because of a little technicality with coupons. If you look at the bar codes on your coupons, the very first number on the very far left is either a tiny little 5 or a 9. Most of the coupons in the Sunday paper begin with a 5. The coupons that come from those little “blinkie” dispensers in grocery store aisles often begin with a 9. It is the ones that begin with a 9 that do not double in stores’ register systems. As long as the bar code begins with a tiny little 5, it will double, regardless of what the coupon says. That’s the majority of coupons, so in general, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it. Read more:

  4. Lynn says


    After several trips to my King Soopers in Aurora to find out the coupon policy (speaking to the cashiers and the customer service counter and receiving a different answer every time), I finally was able to see a printout of the policy. She [head cashier under instruction of the store manager] would not let me take a picture of it with my cell phone nor would they make a copy for me. What is the secret? I suggested that they post the policy in the store or at least have a copy at every checkout stand. We all just want to play by the rules, right?

    I also asked if there was a line total per transaction and she said no. I asked if you could have separate transactions. She said it doesn’t matter because, “Your store card keeps track of it [couponing or purchases?].” I think that needs to be tested. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Tonight I found a web site that has posted the new policy (dated 10/21/11) that I saw at the store: Why isn’t it on the King Soopers or Kroeger web site?

  5. Lynn says

    Also asked if there was tax on the free items and the head cashier said no. I think that needs to be tested. I don’t think the government will go without their money :-)

  6. Mreghan says

    You do have to pay tax on any free item that would have been subject to taxes prior to the use of the coupon.

  7. Katheryn says

    I went into KS yesterday on the south side of Pueblo, Co. I had my coupons ready, the girl at the checkout started scanning my coupons, but after the first 3 or so she stopped and called another woman over, the other woman told me that I am only allowed to use one manufacturer coupon per item purchased, on like items? They then called the manager over, he told me only one coupon could be used on each item, of like items? I bought two items of the same brand, but they were different because they were different scented deoderants, at different prices? I was under the understanding that couponers could use 5 paper manufacturer coupons on each item per transaction, correct me if I am wrong because I ended up being extreemly embarrassed and treated very rude over coupons! I need some advice/ help here. Please!!

    • says

      Katheryn, You are correct! In fact, King Soopers recently changed their coupon policy to state that you can use 5 like coupons. So, even if this were before their recent change you should have been able to use 3 like coupons. So, if you had had 3 of the very same deodorants – same scent, same price – you should have been able to use 3 coupons for those 3 items. It sounds to me like the staff at that store is unclear on their own coupon policy.

  8. Katheryn says

    Thank you for responding Jill! When you say I can use 3 coupons on the 3 items, do you mean I can use 3 coupons per one item, or 3 coupons on all 3 items? I was told over and over again that I can only use ONE coupon per item? The store manager voided my transaction and also kept all my coupons, when I asked for them back he stated “I would be giving you money back if you used these, and they are no good now anyway, you don’t need them”. I was suprised at how unprofessional they all were. Anyway I appreciate the help, thank you!

    • says

      Ugh, so sorry they were not nice! First of all, he should not have taken your coupons NO MATTER WHAT! I would have fought tooth and nail for those. LOL

      You can only use 1 coupon per item (see the exception below). Example: if you have 3 coupons for $1 off of a Suave deodorant, you cannot use all 3 coupons on 1 deodorant you do have to buy 3 deodorants.

      Exception: You can use a store branded coupon (with the King Soopers logo on it) with a manufacturer’s coupon (one from the newspaper or printed from the internet. So, using the deodorant example above: if Kings had a $1/1 coupon in their newspaper ad for $1 off of Suave deodorant and you also had a $1/1 coupon in a regular coupon insert you could use BOTH of those coupons on ONE stick of Suave deodorant. So the only time Kings accepts more than one coupon per item is when one is a store coupon and the other is a mfr coupon.

      I hope this makes sense. If you have more questions let me know!

      • Lynn says

        I would report that store manager to King Soopers and/or Kroeger. The Store Manager should be a shining example of customer service, and he was not. To my knowledge, KS is not allowed to confiscate customer coupons not being used. That sounds like stealing to me. He should have reviewed your items in your basket and assisted you with selecting the eligible coupons that you could use and return the balance to you for a future purchase.
        Since King Soopers is so stash with posting their coupon policy, how do you know how to select and present your coupons? They’re just asking for trouble by keeping it so secret. See my post above that tells my story of how I finally got a copy of the latest KS coupon policy, and it wasn’t from KS.

      • Dana says

        Thank you so much for this explanation. It makes so much sense now for KS. I literally have just started couponing, so I am trying to research my 100 questions that I have, but your blog with questions answered is awesome! Thank you! :)

  9. Katheryn says

    I have another question, does King Soopers accept competitor coupons? I did not see anything about competitor coupons in the coupon policy.

  10. Eva says

    I have a few problems with king soopers over the last few months. Since i have became more extreme in couponing,. There recently aired an episode on TLC from colorado King Soopers when i did the same thing they wrote up the cashier who checked me out. They have singled me out when I go into that store i get treated as a criminal. I did contact the district manager on few occasionals did seem to get better for awhile. I have been done that the policy changes daily. now going to place yet another call to the district manager who i have her direct number saved in my cell phone. I was blamed for King Soopers loosing out on money.. Please any feedback would be helpful. i DID CALL the manager she off at home i do have her cell phone

    • says

      Eva, Are you within the coupon policy limits? What are you trying to do that they dislike?

      I have to say that episode of Extreme Couponing I saw at a King Soopers (in Thornton) shocked me, but I will tell you I have heard that the lady that did the shopping had to get special approval from King Soopers to do what she did as it isn’t commonplace.

      Even still, if you are couponing and within the Kings policy you should not be treated with any issue at all.

  11. Tonya says

    I am new to couponing and I’m starting to gather all the necessary info and after reading the above comments I am wondering if maybe KS isn’t the best store to shop at? Do you have any recomendations for more ‘coupon-friendly’ stores or are they all pretty much the same? Also, ideally I would love to buy mostly organic products – is that realistic to think that I might be able to get really good savings but not buy the top brand names? Any info would help! Watching the TLC show is a bit intimidating…:)

    • says

      Hi Tonya! I actually coupon shop at Kings 98% of the time. I rarely have coupon issues. My #1 suggestion is to follow policy, and it really isn’t too hard to do. If you try to “slip one through” they’re gonna catch it.

      In my opinion Safeway’s policy is similar. We don’t have any Albertsons close anymore and Target and Walmart don’t double.

      My #2 suggestion is to stick with a store that you are comfortable shopping with. I do shop at other stores, but I know my way around my Kings. :)

      Here are the parts of the KS policy that you really need to know…

      They double UP TO $1.00. A $.50 coupon will be $1.00 off. A $.75 coupon will be $1 off. A $.25 coupon will be $.50 off.
      They only accept FIVE of the same coupon per transaction. If you have 8 of the same coupon for toothpaste you will have to separate into two transactions.
      They do accept a manufacturer coupon + a store coupon (that says King Soopers on it – those usually come through the mail) for the very same item. Example: Nestle bottle water is on sale for $3.99. If you have a mfr coupon for $1 off and you also have a store coupon for $1 off you can use both coupons on ONE case of water and your price will be $1.99.

      As for shopping organic, there are more and more coupons becoming available for organic foods everyday it seems like although I think they are likely name-brands. But this is the case with non-organic items too now that I think about it. And many times the name-brands with a coupon are cheaper than generic. I’m not an organic shopper so I probably am of not much help on this one. The same couponing theory applies, I guess. :)

      Feel free to let me know if you have more questions!

      PS While the Extreme Couponing show is hugely motivating, it is extremely unrealistic. Those types of shops are “made for tv” if you know what I mean. Not to mention that I really don’t see the point of 250 bars of deodorant or 1,000 boxes of pasta, ya know? AND? They aren’t good for the rest of us that really want to coupon to help our families. You can read this post and its comments…

  12. Jenette says

    I had my first issue at the Cheyenne Wyoming king soopers. The other day had gone smoothly. I had 8 coupons to receive free good n’s natural granola bars and they all went through. But today when I went to buy 8 dawn dish soaps and 16 crystal light to go boxes, I was told about the 5 limit coupons. I tried to do multiple transactions, but they told me they were not allowed to do it. So needless to say I was a little frazzled but I will be going back to get those awesome deals before the ad ends.
    Before I keep rambling my question is do they treat the the free coupons differently than the
    regular Mfc ones? I am also wondering if they just did not implement the new coupon policy until now because of the huge remodel they just completed.

    • says

      The coupon limit of 5 like coupons has been in place for a while. In fact, it was at 3 for a while and then they increased it to 5. Weird that they wouldn’t do multiple transactions though. It’s probably just a policy for their store.

      As for the free coupons, the only time I’m aware that they’re treated differently is if they are printed free coupons, like the kind you print yourself. They won’t even accept those at all.

      I’m not sure why they’ve recently chosen to follow their policy, but that policy has been in place for a while. The only thing I can suggest is making multiple trips like you’ve planned. You should have NO issue with that if you keep it within 5 of the same item. Those darn Extreme Couponers ruined it for the rest of us.

  13. Alisa says

    Hi there,

    I’m relatively new to couponing, but it all seems to make sense for the most part. The only thing I’m not sure of is, do I need to ask the cashier to double the coupons ($0.50 and under) or round up to $1 ($0.51-$0.99)? Or will the cash register do it automatically?

    Thanks for your help!!


    • says

      Hi Alisa!! Welcome to couponing! If you are talking about King Soopers specifically, they automatically “double” the coupon. As does Safeway. Let me know if I can help out any further!

  14. Cynthia says

    Hi Jill!

    I emailed you a while ago about KS and I want to thank you for going to such great lengths to clarify. I have a question. The catalina coupons say manufacturer on them. Can I use one of those that say manufacturer but is stamped KS with an actual manufacturer coupon? I have been told that they are both manufacturer coupons and I can only use 1. When I say that I cannot use the catalina coupon at another store then it is a KS coupon, not a manufacturer. Can you please clarify what is exactly a KS coupon?

  15. Kat says

    King Soopers was just running a “buy one get one free” sale on grape tomatoes. In addition to this, I had a store coupon for a free package of grape tomatoes. So I grabbed 2 packages expecting to pay nothing for both of them!
    However, when I looked at my receipt (after I got home, go figure), only the store coupon had been applied. They scanned my King Soopers card, so I know that wasn’t the issue. Any ideas on why the “buy one get one free” didn’t apply? Can you bring a copy of the sales flyer & your receipt to the store & ask for an adjustment?

  16. Lori says

    I’m a bit confused by Kat’s post – aren’t a King Sooper’s BOGO sale and a store coupon for a free package the same type of coupon? Or is a BOGO something entirely different? I’ve read all the BOGO info and it’s so confusing hahaha thanks for all the help! I’m learning so much and I appreciate your commitment (Jill) to providing so much teaching.

    • says

      Hi Lori! BOGO = buy one get one free. Technically, that is not a coupon because it’s a store deal. Since you are purchasing ONE item (you get the second one free) you can use ONE coupon.

      In Kat’s case there was a BOGO one grape tomatoes so she puts two in her cart and plans to pay for one of them. But she also has a coupon for a free package of grape tomatoes so technically that ONE that she was planning to pay for should also be free.

      Hope this makes sense, if it doesn’t please ask!

  17. Christine says

    I had recent King Soopers. The cashier didn’t know the policy that because a coupon wasn’t going through that it was because of the ecoupons already processed. The cashier over-rode the machine and gave me more $ off from the paper coupons. I knew what was going on, but I wasn’t about to tell him any different. After looking at my receipt, I saved quite a bit of money. The idea of waiting to use my card is a good one. I will do that on my next trip, just in case they are clued in to what is going on!

    • Dina says

      I would suggest that if you want to use your paper coupon you should just remove the eCoupon from your card. It is now possible to do that via the Kroger app. Since the coupon policy states Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item, you could then select whichever coupon will give you the better value and use just it without having to go around the system.

      • says

        Great tip Dina. I rarely use the Kroger ecoupons because of this, I’ll have to check out the app and maybe be able to use it a bit more!

  18. kylie says

    How do you get items for free? I am trying to gather a lot of coupons so I can stack but I am having trouble with the coupon policy. How can you stack items? What does “limit one coupon per item” mean? if that is the case, why does it also say “will only accept up to 5 coupons on one item”, is it just me or are those two things contradictory? I need help!

    • says

      Hi Kylie, That’s a fabulous question! And one that I got often enough to outline in this post here. You might also find my whole couponing series helpful and you can find it here.

      Stacking coupons means one manufacturer coupon (usually labeled as a mfr coupon next to the expiration date) and a store coupon (usually via the mail or in their store ads each week). For one item you can use 1 mfr coupon + 1 store coupon. Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out if you need more help.

      Also the 5 coupon limit is for the exact same coupon. You can use 5 coupons, but you have to have 5 of that item. They’ve done this to limit the extreme couponer – and I agree with their decision. So, it doesn’t mean you can have one item with 5 coupons, but 5 items with 5 coupons. Now, an exception would be a different coupon for the same item. So you’d them be able to buy 6-10 if you had a *different* coupon, even if it is for the same itme.

      • kylie says

        Oh ok that does help a lot, thank you! I was just confused with the wording of the policy I guess. So if I had 5 different coupons for the same thing of cheerios (for example) I could stack those? But not if it is the same coupon. Right?

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