Couponing 201: Where to Find Coupons

I’m totally distracted flipping back and forth between The Bachelor and The Craigslist Killer movie so if this post seems hokey and totally not helpful; it is.  I’m not gonna lie.

Not to be mention that I should be making my grocery list instead of watching two shows and writing. :)  And reading other blogs.  And tweeting.  And facebooking.  And just finished dinner.  And.  And.  And.

Yesterday I talked about couponing, and gave some tips to being a successful couponer.  The second thing I think you need to know is where to find coupons.

Open your eyes.  You’ll find a coupon.  I happen to believe it’s like the cow thing, you know that thing where “you see something that relates to a cow every single day”?  That thing.  I believe you see something coupon related everyday.  I just made that up.  I’m totally sucking at this post, I know.  But…

here is your cow for today, you can go on with your day now

(Luckily I just got some good news and my Extreme Couponing post was just published.  So I’ll quickly sum up this post and move on to my quest for sleep.  No, my grocery list isn’t done.  But the kids are fed, happy and showered. :) )

Some places to find coupons are:

  • newspaper inserts
  • online at coupon sites (there are a few listed in that link o’er der to da left.) I also do a coupon summary every Friday, like this one.
  • e-mail
  • US mail
  • loyalty cards
  • manufacturer website e-mail clubs
  • sticking on product in the grocery store (peelies)
  • popping out of red machines in the grocery aisle (blinkies)
  • recipe tear pads throughout the restaurant
  • junk mail
  • neighbors
  • coworkers
  • family members
  • dare I say, the local recycling bins?  The PAPER ones people, no gunk.
  • on the back of grocery receipts
  • left by very nice people on an item for which they won’t use their coupon
  • inside food packaging (sometimes)
  • ask your favorite food/deal blogger, I guarantee they’ll have answers

Have I left anything out?  No doubt I’ve left some very obvious and “duh” ones out so please, please, I said PLEASE, leave me a comment and rescue me with your suggestions.

And with udder utter gratitude; Thanks.

Did you miss Couponing 101: about coupons?  Move on over to Couponing 301 to learn how to organize your coupons.



  1. says

    I love the ones that Kroger sends me in the mail! Especially the ones for free products! I use lots of coupons and get them wherever I can find them! I’ve found the best way to get the most out of my coupons is to use them when the product(s) are on sale and at a store that doubles them. I know Kroger will double up to a dollar and you earn fuel points so your gas is a bit cheaper!

  2. Missy says

    Just came across your website and think its great! Lots of info everywhere!

    One other place people can get coupons is by contacting the companies of your favorite products and let them know WHY you love them so much. 99% of the time they will send you a boat load of coupons.

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