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Last, but certainly not least, in the two week long series of “from the past” money saving tips here is some information on SwagBucks and why you really, really, really should be swagging.

Here’s the deal. You earn SwagBucks for searching. Just like the searching you would do on Google or Yahoo!. When you search on SwagBucks you randomly get awarded Swag Bucks. One of our betta fish has an infected eye so I went to Swag Bucks and looked it up. I got 10 Swag Bucks just like that.

You can also earn two Swag Bucks per day just by making 3 little clicks. If you go to the “trusted survey” page, just going there gives you ONE Swag Buck. If you go to the “daily polls” page and take the poll you get ONE Swag Buck. They also do promotions where they offer free Swag Buck codes in the toolbar and so on. It really is easy and they add up really quick.

So what do SwagBucks mean to you, you wanna know right? Well, when you earn Swag Bucks you can trade them in for prizes. For gift cards (Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Bass Pro Shop, Amazon, Target, Macy’s…), dvd’s, they even have gaming consoles like Nintendo, PSP, Wii, and a bunch of other gifts…

When I first signed up with Swag Bucks I didn’t use it much because I didn’t really understand the value of what it could give me UNTIL two weeks ago when I was doing some Christmas shopping. I had built up quite a few SwagBucks so I went to check out the gifts. I got an iTunes gift card, a $5 Amazon gift card and a dvd. The iTunes gift card and dvd are going to be Christmas gifts. Basically, by using SwagBucks half-heartedly throughout the last few months I saved myself at least $25 in gifts.

(Oh, and today I used the $5 Amazon card toward a nifty bread maker that was on sale over 50% off so I only paid $37.00 for it!! Santa’s bringing momma a bread maker for Christmas folks!)

I just need to tell you all of this so that you can get started with using Swag Bucks and save up for gifts throughout the year and for Christmas next year! I know one of the questions I’ve got on my list for 2011 money issues is gift-giving and being thrifty. This could be an awesome way for you to save up and get some FREE gifts throughout the year.

Since I used my Swag Bucks to buy gifts a few weeks ago I’m already back up to a balance of 1,129. Imagine what I’m going to be able to get next year. I’m already super excited just thinking about it! (Update: I’m up to over 3,000 in May and I donated 500 to tornado relief!)

Get started now and plan ahead for next year. And one more thing, when you refer someone to Swag Bucks and they begin using it, when they get Swag Bucks you do too! It’s free, they won’t send you spam and you’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose. Trust me.

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