A pivotal moment in my life via @Oprah #OWN

by Jill Bender on February 29, 2012

I have had a lot of pivotal moments in my life recently. Like here and especially here, but for the next one you better sit down.


Now read.

Do you get what this is? This is a tweet from Oprah to me! From Oprah herself. That little blue checkmark? That means she’s verified. Verified. Oprah. Verified Oprah tweeted me. ME!

I happened to be sitting in the Nashville airport at approximately 7:30 am waiting for my flight back to Denver when I decided to get caught up on twitter.

When I saw that tweet.

I was sitting down, but I stopped. My heart stopped, my breathing stopped and I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink for a full two minutes. And then I slowly came to and began to look around the room at the other hundred people waiting for the flight. Did they understand who I was? Who I had just become? Did that family of dad, mom and two girls know that they were sitting next to Oprah’s newest BFF? And that my BFF was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel that night?

They may have figured it out eventually, but the lady that sat next to me on the airplane that told me to “keep that to yourself” when I sneezed rather than offering a God Bless You, she obviously had no clue. Hey, I sneezed into my arm!!

And then I saw another tweet from Oprah’s Producer Sheri Salata. SHE retweeted one of my tweets too! Seriously.

Where do I go from here, you ask?

It’s going to be tough. I’ll probably just wait for her people to get in contact with my people so we can have lunch or go catfishing, or bungee trampoline. You know, things that BFF’s do these days.

Well, until then, I’ll probably just go over to JoAnn’s to have my tweets framed. And then I should probably call some professionals in to hang the priceless piece above my bed. Because my life is now complete. icon smile

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1 Sue February 29, 2012 at

HA!!! Love it. Now I can say to everybody that’s my daughter Jill, she’s Oprah’s BFF!!


2 Laura February 29, 2012 at

You go girl! Just remember all of us back here when u are running her network. ;-) of corset u r her new bff, you are awesome! !


3 Emily March 1, 2012 at

Love it!!!


4 Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness March 1, 2012 at

Pretty soon, we’ll be able to say we knew you before you were famous!

That’s awesome, though! Recognition by someone with that kind of clout…pretty amazing :)


5 Jackie March 1, 2012 at

This better not mean that we can’t be friends anymore because you’re all famous and stuff!


6 Jill March 1, 2012 at

Nope, not ever. I need to be able to bitch to you! Period. :)


7 Missy March 1, 2012 at

Congrats that’s so awesome, I’m jealous. Does this mean SMOAB FB page will be empty due to you jetting off with your new BFF? Lol.


8 Jill March 1, 2012 at

Noooooo! Never. Oprah is special, but I need you all!


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