Deciphering product code dates: Is longer better?

code dates

Sell by. Use by. Best by. Expiration. They are called many things and formatted many ways. THEY are code dates; dates that are assigned by the manufacturer to give a guideline of how long a product will be good. Maybe they should be called “good until” dates. Those dates can be very misleading and confusing though […]

Homemade Corn Dogs

corn dog bites

Does this photo invoke visions of big tall hats and ice cold lemonade for anyone else??? If it doesn’t you’re probably too young to remember Hot Dog on a Stick at the mall. I have been eyeing this homemade corn dog recipe that I tore out of Food Network magazine for quite some time. It […]

Giving back to our community #AllYouCFK

Family Tree delivery

On Friday we made our Couponing for Good donation to The Family Tree in Wheat Ridge. The Family Tree will use the bags for their women/children crisis center. They actually keep the families at an undisclosed location so we dropped of our donation with the fabulous ladies at the corporate office. The Family Tree offers […]

Whirlwind (and some pretty pictures from San Jose and San Francisco)


Sometimes I think the world is spinning at a much faster pace than I can keep up! Or maybe it’s just that thing called life? Or gravity? Inertia? Whatever, it’s making me dizzy. So…. Hey, how’s it going? I haven’t written much lately, but we’re good. High school baseball and city soccer are in full […]

Smarties cupcake recipe

Smarties cupcakes

Who doesn’t love Smarties?!?! I have incorporated an all-time favorite into an all-time favorite; cupcakes!! This recipe is so great and you can make it with any color at all so that it can be used for any occasion or holiday! Blue/Red for July 4th, orange/yellow for Halloween, green/red for Christmas… Cupcake Ingredients: 1 box […]