How do you do it all? (and a mani/pedi giveaway for you and a friend)


“Eversave surveyed over 700 moms and 35% percent said they find time for themselves once a month and their preferred way to pamper themselves is with manicures, pedicures, with facials and other spa treatments.” Let’s face it if you are just sitting back and waiting for some “me time” to fall into your lap it probably […]

Can you help me? Fight PKD.


I know that times are tough. For some times are even more tough. My baby sister, 24, has a fairly unheard of disease that actually affects more people than down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and sickle cell anemia – COMBINED! And yet you have heard of those. The disease she has is a life […]

Want FREE Jolly Time pop corn?

jolly time

If Jolly Time  pop corn can get to 30,000 fans by September 19th they will be giving away FREE popcorn! For the record, they are at 10,302 at this very moment so I won’t even mention the prizes that they *would be* giving away if they only get to 20,000 or 25,000 fans.

The best taquito recipe ever!

chicken taquitos

I’ve decided that my next venture in life is going to be a mexican food restaurant or food truck. I could totally do it. And I’ve also decided somewhere along my very white european background that there is some mexican blood in me. (Have you tried my refried beans? Mmkay then.) Taquitos are very easy. […]