February 2011

Today is National Tortilla Chip Day (and totally deserving of caps)! Be sure you check out my recipe for the best homemade tortilla chips you will ever have in your entire, yes, your whole entire, life. Homemade tortilla chip recipe  

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Wordful Wednesday: Jaz + Monkey = Love

by Jill Bender on February 23, 2011

Our kitty has a new friend; Mr. Monkey from the Dollar Tree.  She took him up her cat tree and snuggles with him when she’s feeling all snuggly.  Isn’t it cute?


Pay more than the minimum – Money Saving Tip #22

by Jill Bender on February 22, 2011

Weekly $ tip #22. This week’s money tip might be hard to do, but if you get nothing else from my awesome money tips let it be this. PAY MORE THAN THE MINIMUM PAYMENT ON EVERYTHING credit cards car house department store cards everything you have borrowed money for The ONLY case I would not […]


A Silken Thread book giveaway (3 winners)

by Jill Bender on February 21, 2011

Let’s face it, I’m a single mom with THREE kids, I work full-time, I cook, clean, do laundry, I’m a room parent, I write a blog, I’m doing P90X, I travel with my job, I write, I blog and I love to HAVE FUN.   (Hmm, maybe this is why I don’t sleep anymore.) I also […]


Two New Posts on Yahoo!

by Jill Bender on February 21, 2011

Hey Everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying President’s Day!  Heh, have you ever seen me happy about a Monday?  I have the day off, woohoo! So, I have two new posts up on Yahoo and would love for you to go check ‘em out! Ten Blogging ‘Hazards’ No One Told Me About I know […]

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… on migraines

by Jill Bender on February 19, 2011

I’ve been MIA for a few days because I’ve had a migraine.  One that landed me in urgent care Thursday morning.  I feel victimized by migraines.  Seriously.  I can hardly even get out of bed sometimes and they rob me of DAYS out of my life and I’m tired of it. And, did you hear […]


Oscillo (homeopathic medicine) giveaway

by Jill Bender on February 16, 2011

Has your family been plagued by the flu, strep, or the common cold… this year?  It has been a brutal flu season in my house! Have you tried homeopathic medicines?  Luckily I was introduced to homeopathy when Bones (16) was a baby.  And thank GOODNESS for Oscillococcinum, or Oscillo (Oss-sill-oh), a homeopathic medicine for the […]


Managing single income finances

by Jill Bender on February 14, 2011

Thank you to TurboTax for sponsoring my writing about household finances.  Learn more about how TurboTax can help you find every tax deduction you deserve. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. Managing finances is difficult.  Managing finances on one income, with no […]


Wordless Wednesday – “Look Ma, I’m on tv”

by Jill Bender on February 9, 2011

Y’all know that I made my debut with as Single Mom on a Budget on Monday.  If you don’t go check it out over here.  I’ll wait. Okay…


Want vs Need – Money Saving Tip #21

by Jill Bender on February 8, 2011

Weekly $ Tip #21 One of the reader requests for money savings tips was to help decipher a want vs a need when it comes to spending money/saving money, for her husband.  :)  I thought it was a good one, one that we all need to keep in mind. Earning money can be hard, spending […]