I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Dr Pepper Snapple Group and The Motherhood, but all opinions are my own.
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I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a behind the scenes virtual briefing with some of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s brand experts  to learn about DPS’s commitment to balanced and healthy lifestyles, and how the company is innovating to meet consumers’ evolving needs  and building on its commitment to promote active play for families everywhere. I also got a sneak peek of some of the things they have up and coming and I’m very excited for them to hit the market. *lips are sealed

Did you know?

  • Only TWO people know the recipe of Dr. Pepper.
  • 40 different versions of Dr. Pepper were tested in the beginning.
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group sells more than 50 brands of teas, juices, mixers, carbonated soft drinks and other premium beverages.
  • DPS provided over 900 grants to build or fix up playground equipment
  • DPS employs 19,000 people
  • DPS has 6 of the top 10 non-cola soft drinks
  • They have 13 #1 and #2 brands in their respective categories
  • Over the lifetime of the Snapple brand there have been almost 250 flavors.
  • By 2015 DPS will conserve more than 60 million pounds of plastic through packaging redesigns

DPS Lets Play Initiative Logo

Commitment to Balance – Calories in Versus Calories Out

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is committed to helping families lead healthy lifestyles that are built on balance by balancing the calories that we take in versus the calories that we burn through activity.

Here are some startling statistics provided by DPS:

  • Only 20% of children live near a park
  • 2/3 of kids get less than an hour of play
  • Kids spend an average of 7.5 hours per day on media
  • Obesity rates have tripled

To combat the lack of playground resources and inactivity, DPS partnered with KaBOOM! and Good Sports to build/improve over 2,000 playgrounds providing more than five million children with an outlet to play.

DPS is committed to promoting active play through their Let’s Play Initiative and by the end of 2016, DPS will have donated more than $26 million in Let’s Play programs through their partnerships.

Something near and dear to my heart…. Let’s Play has expanded to include older children who don’t have the opportunity to play organized sports because of the high costs associated. Boy do I know this!! It has been so hard to finance my boys through their sports, but it is so incredibly important and I am so glad that DPS recognizes this segment of kids!

You can find all of the details on the Let’s Play website. You can also find out how to find a playground and apply for a grant for your neighborhood.



Commitment to Innovation

Because DPS is the leader in flavor, they take their products and flavors very seriously, but they also know that consumers are concerned with value, calorie intake, natural sweeteners, environmental responsibility, and convenience. DPS is testing out naturally sweetened versions of Dr. Pepper, 7UP and Canada Dry that will have only 60 calories per 12 oz. serving. They have introduced new flavors of Schweppes and Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer waters. The Snapple brand has been testing a straight up, unflavored tea with just a dash of sugar with only 80 calories per bottle. Motts introduced new flavors with 40% less sugar than fruit juices.

Commitment to Research and Development

DPS’ team of R&D experts includes scientists, engineer, specialists and an entire sensory panel (taste testers!). Their sensory panel is comprised of very highly trained taste-testers. I volunteered myself to be a part of that panel. icon smile How fun would that be?!?

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Walmart Family Mobile Brand Ambassador Fall4Phones shop1

I am SO excited to announce that through my relationship with #CollectiveBias I have been able to partner with Walmart Family Mobile as a Brand Ambassador to share my love of the program with you! We have been using Walmart Family Mobile for over a year now and I love that they really do offer the lowest price unlimited plans with no catches and no contract!

Staying connected is so important and especially for families on the go who are constantly going in different directions. The Walmart Family Mobile plan is great because they really do offer unlimited talk, text and web for one low price. So instead of worrying about whether my kids are going over on their data – which they can’t on this plan because it is unlimited – I am able to enjoy my time watching my boy play soccer.

Fall Soccer

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is new to the Family Mobile plans and and is the phone we have on this service. You can get a phone in a Walmart store online at Walmart Family Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fall4Phones shop

We are also getting outdoors as much as possible right now to soak up the last few weeks of beautiful fall weather before the snow hits us, which is generally right around Halloween.  We are loving our new Samsung Galaxy S4 because it takes such awesome photos and we are able to capture those the moments of beauty on our fall walks!

Fall Walk

Right now they have a limited time offer $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web. Pair that with a smartphone for under $100 and it is the perfect plan and phone combination for those who want to stay connected while on-the-go.  

$34.88 per month for unlimited talk text and web (for the first line only). AND? This price applies for life of the account on the plan. This offer ends on 10/31/14 so act quickly.

I have a starter kit (value $25.00 – SIM card and activation code) that is required when you set up your service so if anyone is interested in getting started let me know and I’ll deal with it on a first come, first serve basis.

Walmart Family Mobile offers the lowest price unlimited plans Fall4Phones shop

In case you haven’t heard about this great service before I will bullet point the benefits of Walmart Family Mobile for you, but you can get all the details at that link:

  • Unlimited talk, text and web. It is impossible to go “over”.
  • Multiple lines available (5 total)
  • Savings up to 50% the family wireless bill.
  • No contract.
  • No credit check.
  • Be sure to see the limited time offer that ends 10/31 that I mentioned above!!
  • The first line is $45 for unlimited talk, text and web. It is even less expensive if you don’t want web access.
  • Each additional line (up to 4) is $35.

Walmart Family Mobile is now on twitter and you can follow them at @FamilyMobile. And be sure to keep an eye on the hashtag #Fall4Phones for more great information!

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